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  • 10 Subdomains
  • 15 Domains
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Our Process

From discovery until deployment and beyond - the process in action



Being on the same page with our clients is a precursor to every project. Our discovery process helps us understand client requirements better and devise a strategic plan to achieve the same. For most problems that our clients face, there are multiple solutions. Identifying the right solution and matching it to client requirements happens in the discovery phase. We will also identify person of contact who will be overseeing the overall project progress and delivery in tune with project requirements.


Software Development

Good design can solve problems. Great design can delight users. This is one motto that Active Service Provider lives by. We strongly believe that incorporating functional software design into an application is the cornerstone to making it a problem-solver. We follow a user research process that progresses through research, design, prototyping, testing and measurement. This helps us chart a delightful end-to-end user journey that will serve the stakeholder’s purpose.



The ultimate goal of software development is to ensure that it solves the problems and achieves the objectives for which it is created. As a part of our software development process, we create prototypes of software based on the findings of the the discovery and UI/UX designing stage. These prototypes will be crude forms of the final product - like early samples, scaled down working models, etc. which can be extended into final products.



Once the prototypes are finalized they are pushed into the full-fledged development phase. Depending on the platform desired or determined consensually as the best option, our developers will start coding the software into form. Intelivita follows rigorous quality assurance standards at all phases of development. This ensures that the final output is well-put and requires minimal corrections to make it launch-ready.


Quality Assurance

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” said Aristotle once. At Intelivita we have embraced quality as a habit and as a way of life - not as a catchphrase to impress you. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced quality assurance engineers who perform pen tests, smoke tests and every other form of required testing to ensure that a software is perfectly fine for deployment. Our QA process takes care of weeding out any bugs that have gone unnoticed during development. We test the software from the user’s point of view to ensure that nothing is amiss when the software is ready for use.



Once the software is pushed past the quality assurance phase, our team of senior developers start the deployment process. Depending on the choice of the client, or as decided in the beginning of the project, the deployment will happen in the server platform. All activities relating to sharing and securing the code repository will also happen here. We also take special care in planning the deployment phase so that you as a client is well-informed of the timeline of completion. Upon deployment completion, the software can be used for real-life scenarios.



We believe that client relationships are long-term friendships that do not terminate with a single transaction. As a customer-centric company, Active Service Provider provides continuous support and maintenance that even after deployment. Our support systems ensure that your product remains active and functional without any glitches. We also undertake maintenance activities to ensure that your products are up-to-date with relevant security updates, system upgrades, etc.

How we Build Your Product

Technologies we Use

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us As Your Ally For Custom eCommerce Development

The right technology partner can accelerate your digital transformation and take you closer to your organizational goals. Our eCommerce website development services are fine tuned to ensure that you are bang on the fast lane.

Diverse platform expertise

Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, or any other eCommerce platform — choose your pick and we will build an online store for you.

Proven Track Record

We have helped countless clients launch their eCommerce websites on a timely basis. Do check out online review sites to checkout what they feel about us.

Flexible engagement models

Hire a dedicated resource, engage a team or hire a ecommerce website developer on a hourly basis. Intelivita gives you flexible engagement models you can choose from to best serve your needs.

Platform Partnerships

We have professional associations and partnership agreements with most eCommerce platforms that make us a legit eCommerce development company to rely on.

World-class Support

Once a client, always a client. Intelivita will be by your side to provide continued support after each project launch. You can reach us through mail or phone to resolve any of your queries.

Happy Customers

From first-gen entrepreneurs to retail behemoths stepping into online retailing, we have accelerated the eCommerce transformation of all kinds of enterprises. We would happy to make you a happy customer as well.

Choose What Suits You Best

Choose An Engagement Model Of Your Choice

Active Service Provider offers three engagement models in web development: part-time hiring, full-time hiring and hourly hiring. Our engagement models are designed to give you maximum flexibility while helping you meet your resource requirements.

Hire a part time web developer Part-time Hiring
Hire a full time web developer in UK Full-time Hiring
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